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Bajaj Genuine Spare Parts | Smart Parts Exports

  • Jul 25, 2022

The Bajaj Original Parts are the sole genuine parts in Smart Parts Exports. They are designed to ensure optimal performance and a hassle-free riding experience on your motorcycle. They undergo rigorous quality tests to ensure they meet Bajaj Standards.

At Smart Parts Exports, our mission is to provide spare parts readily available in every location. Bajaj Genuine Parts are Exporter through a wide network comprising more than 700 dealers and 300 services authorized dealers, 100 spare parts exporters, and 1000 retailers with priority all over the nation. To meet our customers' ever-growing needs, we constantly expand the reach of our network and improve our capabilities within our network.

Bajaj 2\3 Spare Parts Benefits and Making

The Brake shoe is made with the 'Premium Asbestos Free friction material

They provide superior performance and are eco-friendly

The Benefits Of Bajaj Genuine Spare Parts

  • Better braking performance, which means more security

  • Stable performance of friction across a variety of temperatures and speeds


  • Insufficient braking at critical times

  • Changes to the brake shoe frequently

  • All cables are produced using top-quality 'Friction-Free Material' and cutting-edge technology.

  • High Tensile Strength prevents length elongation

Benefits of BAJAJ Genuine Parts

  • Superior safety because of friction-free cables

  • Free of hassle and secure operation

  • The exact length you need to fit your Bajaj Bike

  • The dangers of using fake parts

  • Infrequent breakdowns because of poor cable

  • The throttle and brakes are less responsive, as is the function


  • Smooth power transmission

  • Free of hassle and secure operation

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