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The Three Benefits of Kia Genuine Parts

  • Sep 19, 2022

Kia produces some of the highest-quality vehicles on the road today, and that means that Kia car owners have come to expect long-lasting quality from their rides. While you could always try to save money by going with non-genuine parts, doing so could jeopardize your vehicle’s performance over time.

But with Kia genuine parts, you can rest assured that your Kia will perform as it should well into the future—and you won’t need to worry about compromising the safety of yourself or your passengers in the process.


Kia genuine parts are made specifically for your vehicle with safety in mind. The safety features of your car depend on the quality and type of parts it is built with.

The wrong part could impact many aspects of your car's performance such as stopping, handling, braking, and acceleration. Generic parts are not designed to withstand the same rigors or react the same way as high-quality Kia genuine parts so they put you at risk.


Unlike aftermarket parts that may not be manufactured to fit your vehicle, Kia genuine parts are designed and manufactured by the company specifically for your vehicle.

They are designed to provide optimal performance and longevity, making them less likely to break down as quickly.


Kia genuine parts are usually less expensive than OEM because the manufacturer isn't investing in production. This can be good for budgeting and helps you stretch your dollar.

Plus, they're typically more readily available than other suppliers. You also don't have to worry about additional costs like shipping or clearance as they are delivered to you at no extra cost through your dealer's parts department.


Kia genuine parts are designed to help you and your vehicle stay safe on the road. No matter which type of Kia you drive, there’s likely to be at least one Kia genuine part on your car that you’ll need for regular maintenance or repairs. Whether it’s a starter motor, an air filter, or even a radiator hose clamp, you can always trust Kia's genuine parts to keep your car on the road and running well. 

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