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Why genuine Kia Spare parts are better than Local car parts

  • May 14, 2022

Genuine Kia Spare Parts: You're likely to have worried about the cost of fixing a problem with your Kia. You'll probably have thought about ways to save money on the repair if you had to replace a part.

A common way to save money when fixing up a car is to look for parts from third-party companies. These are parts that are not manufactured or designed by Kia. We're here to tell why this is not a good idea and why genuine parts are better.

This article will help you understand what you are buying when you shop online, as well as why you should stick with the proven-and-genuine Kia spare parts.

How do I know the car spare part is genuine?

First, let's talk about the difference between genuine parts and non-genuine parts. Non-genuine simply refers to any part not designed or manufactured by Kia. While we don't claim that all third-party parts are a ripoff, it is clear that these parts weren't created in-house.

You'll likely come across OEMs while doing your research. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which is generally what it means. OEM parts are made by the same manufacturer that the car they're meant for. They aren't necessarily the only parts that will do the job but they are the ones you want to have for your Kia.

What are the disadvantages of buying third party car parts?

Third-party parts can be well designed and manufactured using high quality materials. These parts are not the norm. It is common to find non-OEM parts designed to be cheaper than genuine parts from the original manufacturer. This gap in price is often suspicious.

Non-OEM parts are often made from less material or have fewer features. These parts might be manufactured using unreliable processes or different materials. This means that you are taking a risk with third-party parts for your Kia. You could end up paying for headaches later.

Why you should always choose genuine Kia Spare Parts:

Although OEM parts may not be the most affordable, they will almost always be the best choice for you and your Kia. This is because we understand the commitment that Kia as an automotive manufacturer has to making reliable cars for customers. The parts they make are crucial pieces of that dedication.
Genuine Kia spare parts are the best way to protect your vehicle and warranty. Although it happens very rarely, aftermarket parts can be problematic for manufacturers who are concerned about the negative effects of third-party solutions.

Buy genuine Kia spare parts with Smart Parts Exports:

Smart Parts Exports is the right place to find the right team to get your Kia running like it should. Smart Parts Exports only deals in genuine Kia parts and can provide car service that will get you back on the road in no-time. Visit our online store today to view a complete range of genuine parts and accessories.

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