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How to Identify Whether a Two Wheeler Spare Part is Local or Genuine

  • May 26, 2022

The biggest challenge at the time of buying a Genuine two wheeler spare part is to identify whether the part is genuine or local. There are two types of buyers: the one who insists on purchasing genuine spare parts, and the second are those who would rather buy local parts because genuine spare parts are too costly. Sometimes the first type of people may buy local spare parts due to tempting discounts. After purchasing the local parts, they have heavy maintenance of local parts. 

As per the example: If we talk about Break Shoes: genuine brake shoes last 80,000km. On the other hand, local brake shoes last for 45,000km. This is why we should always prefer genuine spare parts.

Following these tips can help buyers to buy Genuine two wheeler Spare Part

Examine the packaging:

The buyer should read and examine the packaging carefully and check if the spelling is correct. They usually print out similar spelling ( people will be well aware of the Bisleri brand, but local manufacturers have created Bislari, Bilsari, and many similar names. The same thing local manufacturers do in the automotive industry). So go with the genuine spare parts exporter from India, like Smart Parts Exports.

Designs and Colours are Different from Genuine Two Wheeler Spare Part:

Many companies make two wheeler spare parts, and they may not all use the same color or pattern because of brand patents. Due to this, local manufacturers mostly use duller colors. There is no need to worry because you can buy genuine spare parts from Smart Parts Exports. We are India’s largest genuine spare parts exporter. We deal in 80 countries across the world. 

Identify the “Made in” labels:

Check the country of manufacture, which is usually written in a small font. Use Google to determine if this country manufactures these parts.

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