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How To Check Quality of Spare Parts For Yamaha Bike

  • May 18, 2022

When it comes to managing your spare parts inventory, finding reasonably priced Yamaha spare parts might be difficult. The urge to save money by shopping around is strong, but the end result can be inexpensive knock-off parts. 

12 Ways to Spot a Fake Spare Parts

These can be tough to tell apart from the genuine article, but there are a few things you can do to recognise a fake. Smart Parts Exports show you 12 best ways to spot fake spare parts. 

What To Remember

  1. Misprint Not Well In Packaging
    The situation here is pretty straightforward.
  2. Inexact Phrasing
    Most spare parts are made by foreign entities, many of which are unfamiliar with American English.
    Be sure to pay attention to the language in their instructions and technical documents.
  3. “Made in” Labels
    Beware of labels identifying countries other than the
    one where the parts are normally made.
  4. Using Label in Packaging
    Is it very important to check how they use the label in the packaging
  5. Asymmetries in Components
    Fake parts are often made under pressure and not very well.
    Be sure to look for areas that shouldn't be symmetrical, but are.
  6. A Different Color or Design From The Original:
    Some Yamaha OEM spare parts companies use different
    color patterns for their spare parts, while fake parts manufacturers do the same. Try to spot colors that are slightly off or dull copies.
  7. (L.D.I.) Lack of Labels, Designs, or Usual Identification Numbers.
    Fake spares are usually cast in plain form.
  8. Check Out The Date
    In the United States, the month, day, and year are written.
    Other civilizations are different. Check for date stamps on the materials to prove the part was made in the United States.
  9. Unusual Packaging
    If your favourite parts exporter hasn't informed you, there hasn't been a packaging change.
    Accepting a part that comes in a cardboard box is unacceptable if the manufacturer typically supplies parts in plastic.
  10. Loose Fitting of Packaging
    Keep in mind the changes made in packaging whether it is loose packaging
  11. Significant Price Disparities
    It's one thing to find a good deal, but if you find parts being sold at a
    significant discount (say, 89 percent off), the odds of them being fakes are very high. Keep in mind that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  12. Contact Manufacturer
    If you're unsure, contact the manufacturer and ask about the part.
    Customer care can assist you by sending pictures or discussing your issues over the phone.


If any of these signs appear, you should probably pass on the purchase. This ensures that you avoid the drawbacks of utilising counterfeit Spare Parts, such as machine damage and lost manufacturing costs. Call +91 88264 77077 for Yamaha Parts Exporter From India.

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