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How to Identify Fake Spare Parts | An Expert Opinion

  • Jun 03, 2022

"Fake has become the reality" Be it technology clothing, accessories or even apparel all of it has a fake counterpart. The auto industry is also overflowing with fake spare parts as well as accessories. Companies have been trying to enforce stringent action against the makers of fake spare parts. However, there is still a significant chunk out there that you may encounter. How do you differentiate fake ones from genuine one? Before we tackle this issue, lets examine some of the questions that come up in the discussion of fake spare parts.

Fake spare parts: What exactly are they?

On the other hand, fake spare parts are meant to cost less to the manufacturers. This means low quality and a big room for errors. Fake spare parts may look more or less the same as that of the real ones. But the major difference lies in the composition of the material that is used in those parts. To lower the production costs, these fake spare parts do not comply with the standards that have been set by the company.

OEM and OES make spare parts and deliver for cars and bikes. They make these spare parts according to the specifications of the automotive industry. These parts are generally suitable for vehicles since they are in line with the correct dimensions and standards. There is no room for error.

However fake spare parts are marketed to be cheaper for manufacturers. This means they have used low quality things so there are many chances of errors. Fake spare parts can look like they are genuine ones. However, the main difference is in the composition of the material used in those parts. These fake spare parts do not meet the company's standards in an effort to lower production costs.

Is it dangerous for you to use fake spare parts?

As said earlier, fake spare parts lack the quality. Thus, they can be prone to a range of hazards, from simple failures to major ones. Let's examine the dangers of different spare parts. As mentioned earlier the fake spare parts aren't build to the industry standard design or specifications. Thus, they can be prone to a range of hazards, from simple failures to major ones. Let's examine the dangers of different spare parts.

Risk of Engine Failure or Fire:

Components like spare plugs, drive belts, valves, filters, etc. are essential for the drivetrain and engine to run properly. The fake components can cause engine failure or even worse a fire.

Windscreen related injuries:

The OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) / OES (Original Equipment Supplier) recommended that windscreens meet certain standards like load-bearing capacity. But the fake windscreens aren’t designed to meet those guidelines. These fake windscreens may break under pressure and could even cause injuries to the occupants.

Brake failure:

Brake system is an essential part of a vehicle. A fake brake pad generally works slowly as compared to a genuine brake pad. In addition,  if the grade of the material is concerned the fake brake pads can break off easily. This can cause brake failure, which can be harmful.

How can you ensure 100% Genuine spare parts in your car?

The easiest way to ensure this is by using a trusted exporter for your car spare parts. Smart Parts Exports, exports 100% genuine spare parts and products directly sourced from OEM brands. And about the cost, you save up to 40% when you buy genuine spare parts from a leading spare parts exporter from India. So, always look out for genuine spare parts exporters like Smart Parts Exports  that ensure you provide 100% genuine spare parts.

Do you want to buy genuine spare parts? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, you can directly order from our website and get rid of the worries related to the spare parts being genuine or not.

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