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Fake Spare Parts: How to Spot Them?

  • Jun 15, 2022

The automotive manufacturers have come up with various possible ways to make sure that customers are able to identify whether the spare parts are genuine or not.

Serial Number and Hologram

All the genuine spare parts have a separate serial number from the OEM (Original equipment manufacturer). This can be used to trace back the part and check whether the spare part is genuine or not. Also, you will find the specific hologram of the manufacturer on the parts that cannot be counterfeited.

QR Code

Most of the spare parts come with a QR code that can be scanned using the smartphone to ensure that the part is genuine. Each spare part has a unique QR code which helps in keeping the track of the product too.


The high-value parts from OEM come with an RFID tag which can be traced by the manufacturer. RFID tags can help a lot. The maker can verify whether the customers get genuine parts or not.

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