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NGK Spark Plug: Benefits of Using The World's Leading Spark Plug

  • Sep 07, 2022

The invention of the spark plug has changed the world of automobiles, especially in terms of performance. NGK Spark Plug was founded in 1909 by Eiichi Nakamura in Japan, and it has been changing lives ever since, bringing cars to life with their high-quality and reliable spark plugs. In fact, NGK Spark Plugs are used in some of the most prestigious car brands around the world, including Porsche, Ferrari, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and BMW to name just a few.

The Performance Advantage

For over 90 years, NGK Plug India has led the industry in spark plugs and ignition system technologies. With five Nobel Prizes in physics to our credit, we know a thing or two about performance.

From racing vehicles to single-motorboats, from F1 engines to aircraft engine turbine blades and vanes, NGK is committed to developing power-enhancing products that unleash a vehicle's potential.

The Safety Factor

The first thing we can talk about NGK Plug India Is safety. When you're driving, you have to have peace of mind that your car will start every time and take you where you need to go.

And because NGK spark plugs provide a cleaner, better burn, they make sure it will do just that.

Low Cost and Reliability

NGK Plug offers a vast selection of spark plugs for use in any engine size and design. You'll find that NGK provides a quality product at an affordable price, so you can keep your costs down without compromising performance.

These platinum-electrode plugs are designed for heavy duty operation, but with less wear and tear than traditional copper plugs. This means you can get up to 20% more miles per set than if you were to use copper plugs.


The NGK Plug has been a worldwide leader in spark plug technology for over 100 years and the top choice of automobile manufacturers including Ford, Toyota, Nissan, and Kia because it offers three important benefits: durability, longevity, and performance.

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