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Tips and Tricks for Car Maintenance

  • May 09, 2022

Automotive industry changes occur faster than ever before, and consumers' expectations also increase. During every interaction, dealers and manufacturers must be on the same page and work together to provide consumers with the best experience possible. As Smart Parts Exports is doing, we deliver genuine spare parts.

You must follow certain tips for car maintenance, whether you have just purchased a car or have been driving one for years. Check out this article if you need some tips or guidance on keeping your car in excellent condition.

Check out the following checklists and tips for car maintenance.

Smart Parts Exports is renowned for genuine spare parts in India. Genuine spare parts help your car in high-maintenance.

Regularly Check Your Vehicle

At least once a week, walk around your vehicle and inspect your car for body damage. Check your tires for cuts, punctures, and your locks, windows, and even the sunroof. If you find any issue in your vehicle related to any spare parts, in that condition, you must come to us. We are the exporter of genuine spare parts so that you do not face this kind of issue easily. We deal in Maruti Suzuki Genuine parts, Hyundai Spare Parts, Nissan Spare Parts, Mahindra Genuine parts, Ford Genuine parts, TATA Genuine parts, Ashok Leyland Spare Parts, and many more.

Check Air Filter Reularly 


Your air filters can cause many car problems if they are clogged or loose. Maintain your engine's health by protecting it from dust, pollen, and other contaminants. There are a lot of sellers selling local air filters which can reduce airflow into the engine and reduce power and performance. You should buy original spare parts for better performance and reliability.

Maintain The Headlamps


Park your vehicle in front of a flat surface and turn your headlights on to check if both headlights are working properly and well-positioned. Visually inspect both turn signals by walking around your car and see and your parking lights. Walk around your car and look at the turn signals and parking lights. If found any damages, buy genuine headlamps from a renowned seller like Smart Parts Exports.

Check The Battery

The battery in your car is one of the most vital components to run the car. Car batteries supply considerable electricity to the vehicle's starter, engine, and other electronic components. Extreme temperatures impact the battery's function, so testing it regularly will guarantee that it works when you need it to. 

Check Spark Plugs Regularly


The efficiency of your car's engine may be affected by spark plugs. They're in charge of igniting the gas-air mixture that eventually powers your car. As a result, when the spark plugs don't work properly, the engine loses power and doesn't perform to its full potential. So have a professional inspect your spark plugs and replace them with a high-quality genuine spark plug if they're faulty. You can also buy spare parts online from Smart Parts Exporters. 


Carry ToolBox


Carry some tools with you to maintain your automobile on the go and work with them if your car develops problems. Always carry a toolbox in your car in emergencies. We deal in Maruti Suzuki Genuine parts, Hyundai Spare Parts, Nissan Spare Parts, Mahindra Genuine parts, Ford Genuine parts, TATA Genuine parts, Ashok Leyland Spare Parts, and many more.

Take Vehicle to the Mechanic


Although you can fix certain things in your automobile yourself, there are instances when the vehicle needs professional assistance. So, whenever you have a severe problem with your car, please take it to an approved car care provider right away. 




Accurate maintenance records can raise the value of your vehicle. Things aren't that difficult when it comes to car maintenance. Your car only needs to be properly maintained for longer life. Furthermore, because of its condition, it has a higher resale value. After all, your car can be your favourite travel partner.

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