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TVS 2 Wheeler Parts: Why Should You Use Genuine Spares for Two-Wheelers

  • Aug 02, 2022

Two-wheeler owners must acknowledge that the mechanical components of their favorite machine will eventually break down and will need to replace the parts. Automakers make sure that their two-wheeler parts are designed to last for an extremely long duration, but a long time of riding can wear them out over time and there's nothing wrong with the fact that they wear out. The issue is the choice you make when replacing the parts for your two-wheeler. If you decide not to use authentic spares, then you could end up with a lot of problems.

If the need to replace parts of your two-wheeler comes up, you have numerous options to pick from. The best choice is one that comes with TVS original spare parts that are manufactured by the same manufacturer who designed, developed, and constructed an entire machine and understood that it was built to the last bolt and nut. However, many individuals choose to purchase cheaper alternatives without realizing that it could cost a lot and could be a risk to their security. The majority of third-party parts that are priced low do not meet specifications for quality, are made of inferior materials and aren't safe. Here are some reasons to purchase TVS genuine spare parts for your equipment.


Security is perhaps the most crucial factor. You don't want to compromise your security for the sake of saving a couple of dollars Do you? There is no guarantee for the quality of spares from third parties. They are often defective which could put the life of the rider at risk in critical situations. For example, a damaged brake cable in an emergency situation could cause serious injury as well as death. The genuine spare part is thoroughly tested to ensure that they function reliably under the most demanding situations. Making the decision to buy an inexpensive spare part in order to save money could cause you to lose your life or those traveling with you at risk. This is the price that you have to pay for your own and your family's safety when you purchase genuine spare parts, so you shouldn't make a mistake on it.


The dependability of third-party spare parts cannot be as reliable as authentic spare components. TVS spare parts go through an extensive testing process to ensure that they function perfectly. This means you get the most reliability and durability from a genuine spare. However the cheaper spares aren't properly tested and, to lower costs you should use inferior materials. This impacts the reliability and long-term durability of the spare component. For a better understanding it is possible to replace your spare at the end of a year while a genuine spare could last for three years. If you use low-quality spares from third parties you will end up spending higher in the long run as well as compromising the efficiency and reliability. Additionally, when you use subpar spares, you are placing the components of your two-wheeler at risk of being damaged. TVS Genuine parts are very reliable but cheaper spares don't it's as simple as that.

Security from counterfeits

When you purchase original spares at a licensed dealer You are securing yourself from the threat of fake spares that could pose a serious risk to your health, as well as the health and safety of your machine. These counterfeit spares are made with no consideration for quality, durability, or reliability. They are manufactured for the sole purpose of making a quick profit and must avoid at all times. While law enforcement agencies, as well as automakers, are constantly trying to stop these fake spare parts manufacturers at bay The best method to stop them is to purchase authentic spares from an authorized retailer.


Although genuine parts might appear to be a bit higher priced than counterparts that are cheaper, they actually are actually more economical in the long time. Let's look at how a genuine clutch plate replacement can reduce your expenses over an inferior, third-party purchase in the long run. Let's say that the authentic clutch plate for your motorcycle costs around Rs. 200, whereas the less expensive variant costs only Rs. 120. Today authentic clutch plates, that have been rigorously examined and constructed to the highest quality standards, will generally last twice as long than the less expensive ones. In the long run you'll end up paying the equivalent of Rs. 240 for the same time instead of 200 rupees for the genuine set. 200 for the original set. It is also necessary to pay twice to get the set replaced in addition to getting less performance and a lower mileage on your bike since clutch plates are crucial to these specifications. The same is true for each spare piece of equipment. Genuine parts will cost a little more because they're built better. The extra expense you pay for these parts pays over time.

Warranty and performance

A manufacturer understands its product the best. It is therefore absurd to imagine that a third-party spare-part maker could develop and build parts that are superior to genuine spares in any of the measurable variables. It could be acceleration or fuel efficiency, refinement handling, ride or braking, genuine spares are guaranteed to surpass and last longer than their less expensive counterparts. Automakers also take all responsibility for the items they offer to their customers. Original spares are covered by a warranty that gives you extra assurance. If you buy genuine spares over less expensive ones, you can be sure of higher performance and also back it with longer warranty periods.

Give your beloved two-wheeler the love and care it deserves, always use genuine spare parts, and your two-wheeler will keep performing optimally for a very long time.

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