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Volkswagen Spare Parts : All You Need to Know About

  • Jul 28, 2022

Each Volkswagen part comes with its own pros and cons. This section will provide information about Volkswagen Spare Parts India as well as replacement parts.

OEM Parts

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. Dealer service departments use these types of parts. These parts can also be distributed to individual customers and independent service shops as OEM Exporter-approved replacements. An OEM part is the best option for replacing a part in your car. It is also the riskiest. These parts are parts that were in use when the car was first built. They are also the parts that are used by the dealership when they make warranty repairs.

Volkswagen OEM parts are durable. OEM parts are ideal if your original brakes have lasted 90,000. You will want a part that lasts as long as possible, especially if the labor costs are high. OEM parts are an option. These parts are more expensive than other options.

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket Auto Parts are a huge industry. Although they are not always manufactured under the supervision and approval of the original manufacturer, these parts are an excellent option for the average car and average repairs. These parts can be as low as one-tenth of the OEM equivalent and offer significant savings in cost.

Smart Parts Exports can help you buy aftermarket parts online. While some parts might be OEM quality, others could be inferior or counterfeit. The prices for the same part can vary, so it is important to compare prices. Compare the aftermarket part to the OEM counterpart. It will look the same as the OEM part it replaces in terms of fit, finish, materials, and other aspects.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts Remanufactured

These parts are typically OEM Volkswagen parts. They have been disassembled and repaired. Remanufacturing can save you money and is cheaper than creating a new part. Remanufactured parts can be as good as OEM Volkswagen parts. Dealerships might also offer remanufactured parts. Remanufactured parts offer a good value in-between OEM and new aftermarket parts.

Used Parts 

These parts can be used for salvage, which is a common practice in collision repair. They also make great replacement parts. Parts that are normally durable may be damaged by collision events, such as bumpers or fenders. Undamaged used parts offer a great value alternative to OEM parts. It will have the same OEM quality as new parts, but it is often cheaper than new OEM parts. Some salvage parts also come with a limited warranty. A well-used part might be the best option if the OEM replacement part costs too much and there aren't any aftermarket options.

To simplify the business, salvage yards offer universal pricing. All bumpers cost the same regardless of condition or age. The cost of a bumper is typically lower than an aftermarket part.

Bottom line

A mechanic can help you choose the right replacement parts. They will be able to use their expertise to find the best price and performance for your vehicle. The car's age, difficulty in repair, known defects in OEM Volkswagen Spare Parts, quality of aftermarket parts options and many other factors will determine the best replacement part option. You may see a variety of parts and prices on your auto service bill. The best part for your car might not be the best one for your neighbor.

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