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Why TVS Genuine Spare Parts are Important - Smart Parts Exports

  • Jul 07, 2022

Two-wheeler owners must accept that mechanical parts will eventually fail and need to be replaced. While automakers make sure that the components of their two-wheelers last a long time, it is not a bad thing that they will eventually wear out from prolonged riding. The thing that could go wrong is how you replace your two-wheeler parts. You could end up in serious trouble if you don't choose genuine spare parts.

There are many options available to you if the need arises to replace any component of your two-wheeler. Original spare parts made by the same company that developed and built your bike from scratch are always the best. Many people choose to buy cheaper parts without realizing that they will end up being more expensive and could even be dangerous. Low-priced spares from third parties are often not up to standard, made with low quality materials, and have no safety guarantees. These are just a few of the reasons you should always purchase genuine spare parts for your machine.

3 ways to encourage buying Genuine Parts

More Safety

Safety is the most important factor. Do you really want to sacrifice your safety to save some money? Third-party spares are not guaranteed to be reliable. In critical situations, they can cause injury or even death. A broken brake cable in an emergency situation can cause serious injury, or even death. Genuine spare parts undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they can perform in even the most difficult conditions. You could endanger your own life or the lives of those who are travelling with you by purchasing a lower-quality spare part in order to save money. You are paying a small price to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones when you purchase genuine spare parts.

More Consumer-Friendly

Although genuine parts might seem a little more expensive than cheaper imitations, over the long-term they are more economical.

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The mechanic will charge you twice to replace the set. You'll also get lower performance and less mileage. Clutch plates are crucial for these parameters. This applies to every spare part. Genuine parts are slightly more expensive because they are better built, but the investment you make in them will pay off over the long-term.

More Performance & warranty

The manufacturer is the best at knowing its product. It is absurd to believe that a third-party spare parts maker could design and produce components that are superior to genuine spares in any way. Genuine spares will outperform their cheaper counterparts in every way, including acceleration, fuel efficiency and refinement as well as ride and braking. Automakers are responsible for all goods sold to customers. You have additional security by purchasing original spares. Genuine spares are more durable than cheaper ones and come with a longer warranty. TVS is the brand who manufactures the largest range of 2 wheeler vehicles. We Smart Parts Exports is the one TVS spare parts exporter from India.

Your two-wheeler will continue to perform at its best for many years if you show it love and care.

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