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Why TVS Two-Wheelers are so Popular: Find the Reason

  • Jul 19, 2022

The decision to buy a bike is a big one. Among Indians, bikes and scooters are the most common vehicles. In many cases, two-wheelers are the only vehicles people own and depend on. A two-wheeler proves handy in a country like India where bad roads, crowded alleyways, and terrible traffic conditions prevail. In addition, since two-wheelers are much cheaper than four-wheelers, getting them becomes much easier. A few excellent two-wheeler manufacturers exist in India, including TVS Motors. Moreover, you also receive motor insurance coverage that simplifies the process of getting TVS insurance.

Value for money Machine

TVS bikes are so popular because they offer great value for the money you spend on them. There are plenty of features on TVS scooters and bikes, and they are also very affordable. One of the cheapest bikes with ABS is the TVS Apache RTR180. Additionally, the manufacturer offers a variety of bikes. You can choose from four variants of the TVS Apache RTR200 4V, depending on your budget and preferences. TVS fans are always happy to hear that TVS motors are affordable, which makes them stand out.

High performance of Vehicles

The TVS bikes are known for their performance capabilities, so TVS insurance is very easy to obtain. Thus, insurance providers do not hesitate to cover TVS vehicles. TVS bikes have an X-factor that makes them unique. There are even basic models with features such as an analogue odometer, speedometer, and fuel gauge attached, making it very convenient for you.

Great for racing: Racing Machine

In India, TVS is one of the few motor companies with a dedicated racing division. TVS Racing was established in 1983 and not only manufactured racing bikes, but also invested heavily in research related to racing bikes. As a result, the company is able to manufacture excellent bikes with racing DNA built into them. In fact, there are some motorcycles, such as the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V, that are legitimate racers. If you own a TVS Apache RTR 200 4V, you can enter it in the novice class. As a result of such features, the company has many satisfied customers.

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