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Brembo is an aftermarket brand famous for providing quality braking pads. Brembo spare parts are designed to provide security, comfort, and improved performance. The company is responsible for the complete integration and optimization manufacturing cycle, starting with the initial design and ending with assembly and testing on the track and on the road. The company's mission is for innovation, which results in technological advancements and new products that offer greater performance. Smart Parts exports is a Brembo spare parts exporter from India. We established our presence worldwide and have grown into an increasingly popular option for brake systems. Buy Brembo genuine parts from smart parts exports. If you browse the Brembo parts catalog online at various sites together with the description of the product as well as the price list, Choose smart parts exports. We offer genuine Brembo spare parts at the best price. The Brembo catalog of auto parts includes all of the items that it has to offer and makes it simple to purchase online. We currently sell Brembo spare parts across 80 countries, including Mexico, Chile, Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, etc. The Bremo company has hired hundreds of engineers in research and development teams to develop cutting-edge technology for brake systems. Brembo Aftermarket parts are best-suitable for your vehicle.

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Brembo Genuine Parts online: Smart Parts Exports 

The extensive selection of Brembo spare parts are highly technologically advanced products derived directly from Brembo's extensive expertise in motorsports and the OEM Brembo brake pads, which completely meet every rider's needs in terms of performance, control, and durability. All Brembo genuine parts are available to us. You can also talk to our executives for any query. Contact us via Whatsapp or WeChat.


Today, the outstanding quality, performance, and luxury of the world's top brand of braking systems are accessible to all motorcyclists, and they can choose the best Brembo spare parts that not only enhance the capabilities of their motorcycles but also match their individual riding style and personal style.


Brembo offers a wide selection of brake discs as well as an extensive selection of brake pads. It's a technologically advanced option that increases the security and efficiency of the entire system.

The entire assortment of Brembo brake discs improves the safety, performance, and ease of use for all motorcycles. Smart parts exports deals in both Brembo brake pads and Brembo brake calipers.

Cast iron with a high carbon (HC) is different from the conventional cast iron employed in manufacturing brake discs because of its unique chemical composition specifically designed to suppress any sound and ensure maximum comfort. It also helps increase the efficiency of the heat transfer or the capacity for the brake discs to be able to cool down.

Brembo has selected over 100 different materials for its brake pads. Giving it the best solution for the car and driving style in terms of both efficiency and comfort.

Utilizing the most effective solutions for muffled noise and vibration will ensure maximum comfort for every occasion.

Brembo spare parts Safety

  • Brembo PVT has the largest cooling capacity.

  • Brembo has invented a PVT pillar venting system that improves the cooling capacity as well as increases resistance to cracking caused by thermal radiation by more than 40 percent.

  • This revolutionary technology not only prolongs the disc's life but also guarantees superior performance and higher safety levels compared to conventional venting systems.

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