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Apollo Tyres Limited is an Indian Multinational manufacturing company producing tyres in Gurugram, Haryana. It was established in 1972, and the first manufacturing facility was opened in Perambra situated inside Chalakudy, Kerala (India). Smart Part Exports is one the most well-known Apollo bike Tyres exporter from India and we offer Apollo Car & SUV Tyres at the best cost. If you purchase genuine Apollo Tyres from us, you'll find them less expensive and more affordable than others. Smart Parts Exports is directly dealing directly with Apollo Tyres, so the Apollo Tyres are exported to customers directly from the manufacturer. We sell Apollo Genuine Tyres to various international countries, and the range of Apollo products includes tyres for commercial, passenger off-highway vehicles, two-wheelers, and commercial. Each tire has its distinct Price and Size. Apollo Tyres brand tires are offered in every category, including passenger, commercial two-wheelers, farm, and industrial. The Apollo brand's philosophy is to offer customers new options that empower them and assist them in conquering the challenges ahead. Apollo Genuine tyres are the best tyres that give excellent grip and provide complete safety. Buying Apollo Tyres from smart parts exports. We are one of the largest exporters of Apollo Genuine tyres.

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Apollo Tyres brings you the latest series of motorcycle tyres known as "Tramplr" that will focus on high-end motorcycles in cruiser, sports, and other adventure-related trips. Apollo Bike Tyres will allow us to ride more safely into the premium motorcycles that go beyond the sports segment as well as an expanded selection of steel radial tyres. The Apollo Tramplr range of products is designed to meet the requirements for performance in adventures and multi-ride conditions. After extensive testing across different terrains, the products have demonstrated outstanding performance. With its unique tread pattern, the Tramplr XR is perfect for adventurous touring, with off-road capabilities and road-friendly comfort that lets the rider take on any terrain. Steel Radial Technology improves structural resistance to all-terrain riding and provides incredible stability even at high speeds.

Features of Apollo Genuine Tyres:

  • W-shaped tread

  • Extended shoulders and

  • Stone ejectors.

  • Unique sipes for aquaplaning

  • All-weather application

  • Bigger central blocks

  • Larger footprint road


We have taken the design one step further by including the sidewall with the best places a rider would like to take on and an imprinted symbol of the Compass to guide you through the adventure.


A product specifically designed for riders to tackle the urban streets. It doesn't matter if it's a tough turn or racing through the city, or navigating out on unpaved tracks. Tramplr ST is a group of riders from groups of riders across the country and features an exterior inspired by Street Graffiti with a unique symbol of "Roads ahead" in order to help keep riders on the road.

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