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Piaggio is the top motor automobile manufacturer around the globe. Piaggio & C. SpA was established in 1884. Today, Piaggio is the market-leading manufacturer across Europe and has expanded its offerings to over 100 countries. Are you in search of a reliable Piaggio parts exporter from India? Look no further than Smart Parts Exports! We specialise in providing high-quality Piaggio genuine parts and original Piaggio Ape parts to clients worldwide. Smart Parts Exports is the largest exporter of Piaggio Spare Parts from India. We directly deal with Piaggio manufacturers to provide you with genuine Piaggio parts. If you are looking for Piaggio Ape parts. Smart parts exports are the best choice.We are a well-established company with years of experience in exporting Piaggio OEM parts to various parts of the world. Our team of experts ensures that our clients get the best quality parts at reasonable prices. We offer a wide range of Piaggio genuine parts that are compatible with Piaggio Ape models. Our products include engine parts, suspension parts, electrical parts, brake parts, and much more. We guarantee the authenticity of all our products, which are sourced directly from Piaggio.

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Piaggio Vehicle Spare Parts online

Piaggio genuine parts have been recognized for the high-end quality of its product and the latest technology. Piaggio has the biggest network in the small commercial vehicle sector, which makes them the best brand for 3-wheelers. Check our Piaggio Spare parts catalog to buy Piaggio genuine spares at the lowest price.

Piaggio Brand is the world's leading 3-wheeler cargo. It is the first to launch a 3V technology engine, the first five-seater passenger Vehicle, and the First BSVI 3-wheeler.

The Piaggio company offers a selection of cargo vehicles to suit various applications that meet the needs of customers in India. Smart Parts exports have three-wheeler mini trucks parts of Ape Xtra LDX, Ape E City, Ape Auto DX, Ape E Xtra, and Ape Auto HT DX are among its most sought-after products. 

Piaggio Genuine Parts Online: Exporter from India

Looking for a genuine exporter of Piaggio spare parts from India. Choose Smart parts exports. Piaggio can provide excellent fuel efficiency and a spacious cabin for a reasonable price. Piaggio is the only manufacturer of 3-wheelers that sells commercial vehicles. The other models of the Piaggio category are Porter 1000 and Porter 600 four-wheeler cargo vehicles. The company has made the swift change from BS-IV to BS-VI, and all vehicles are in line with the most recent standards.

The Piaggio is the pioneer of the very famous and popular commercial vehicle, the Piaggio Ape, which has been extensively used for light cargo/logistics/supply-chain/delivery and short/local transportation needs.

Piaggio is known for its unique classic Italian-style scooters. Piaggio is one of the major Piaggios in the three-wheeler/auto-rickshaw segment all over the world. Buy Piaggio parts online from us. Piaggio was originally an Italian company that has since been named Europe's most powerful manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles.

Piaggio is one of three specializations, with motorcycles and scooters being their main focus. So, if you are finding 3-wheeler spare parts, Piaggio is the best one. They also specialize in light commercial vehicles. 

Piaggio offers a wide three-wheeler collection of vehicles in a small segment, but it is widely considered to be diversifiable. Check the Piaggio Spare parts list and buy at the best price. There are a variety of Ape-Piaggio electric auto-rickshaws like E-City or E Xtra at an affordable cost with a powerful battery and a longer duration.

The Piaggio Ape- a three-wheeled light commercial vehicle- became the top choice in the mini truck segment and established the brand name Piaggio on the Indian market. Piaggio genuine parts are available on the smart parts exports. We have a complete range of Piaggio spares. The Piaggio company is focused on creating excellent mini trucks which are designed and built to provide improved efficiency in fuel consumption and outstanding capacities for load-bearing.

Piaggio OEM Parts

We offer a wide range of Piaggio OEM parts that are compatible with all Piaggio Ape models. Our OEM parts are sourced directly from Piaggio, ensuring that you receive the best quality products.

Original Piaggio Ape Parts

We also offer original Piaggio Ape parts that are made to fit your Piaggio Ape perfectly. Our range of original parts includes everything from engine parts to suspension parts.

Piaggio Genuine Parts

We stock a wide range of Piaggio genuine parts that are made to the highest standards. Our genuine parts are guaranteed to provide optimal performance and durability.

Exporter from India

As a leading Piaggio parts exporter from India, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy supplier of Piaggio parts. We export our products to clients worldwide, and our team ensures that all orders are processed promptly and efficiently.

Piaggio Spare Parts from Smart Parts Exports: Unparalleled Quality and Variety

At Smart Parts Exports, we understand the importance of using genuine spare parts to maintain the performance and integrity of Piaggio vehicles. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality Piaggio spare parts:

Engine Components: Ensure your Piaggio vehicle operates at its best with our premium engine components, including pistons, valves, camshafts, gaskets, and more.

Electrical Parts: From ignition coils to alternators and starters, our electrical parts ensure the smooth functioning of your Piaggio vehicle's electrical system.

Brake System: Safety is paramount, and our selection of brake pads, rotors, calipers, and brake lines guarantees reliable stopping power.

Suspension and Steering: Keep your Piaggio vehicle handling like a dream with our superior suspension components, steering racks, and power steering pumps.

Transmission and Clutch: Our range of transmission and clutch parts, such as clutch plates, flywheels, and gears, ensures seamless gear shifting and enhanced drivability.

Piaggio Spare Parts Price List:

Piaggio offers a wide range of spare parts designed specifically. Here, we present a detailed list of some important Piaggio spare parts along with their approximate prices:

  1. Brake Pads - $20 to $30

  2. Spark Plugs - $5 to $15

  3. Air Filters - $10 to $25

  4. Tires - $30 to $80

  5. Battery - $40 to $100

  6. Engine Oil - $10 to $20

  7. Clutch Cable - $15 to $25

  8. Drive Belt - $25 to $50

  9. Ignition Switch - $20 to $40

  10. Exhaust System - $80 to $150

  11. Headlight Assembly - $30 to $60

  12. Mirrors - $10 to $30

  13. Fuel Pump - $40 to $80

  14. Handle Grips - $10 to $20

  15. Variator Rollers - $20 to $40

  16. Starter Motor - $50 to $100

  17. Rear Shock Absorbers - $40 to $80

  18. Speedometer Cable - $10 to $20

  19. Side Stand - $15 to $30

  20. Seat Cover - $20 to $40


At Brand Smart Parts Exports, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality Piaggio genuine parts and original Piaggio Ape parts. With years of experience in exporting Piaggio parts, we have built a reputation for providing excellent products and services. Choose us as your Piaggio parts exporter from India, and you won't be disappointed.


Question: Do Smart Parts Exports offer Piaggio genuine parts?

Answer: Yes, we offer a wide range of Piaggio genuine parts that are made to the highest standards.

Question: Do Smart Parts Exports offer original Piaggio Ape parts?

Answer: Yes, we offer original Piaggio Ape parts that are made to fit your Piaggio Ape perfectly.

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