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Lumax provides a wide range of products such as spare parts & headlights. You can find the complete price list of Lumax genuine parts from us, just you need to contact us and find the best price from India. We export 100% Lumax original parts for all the Cars, we are the best exporter for Lumax head lamps and Lumax headlights. Smart Parts Exports is the largest Lumax parts exporter from India. In the Indian automotive industry, Lumax DK Jain is a pioneering and leading business house. As a result of the establishment of globe auto in 1945, the group began operating. As one of India's leading auto component suppliers, Lumax manufactures and supplies a wide range of automotive components.

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Lumax LED Lights Price List



Lumax LED Bulb


Lumax LED Tube Light


Lumax LED Panel Light


Lumax LED Floodlight


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Lumax LED High Bay Light


Lumax LED Grow Light


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About Lumax LED Lights

Lumax is a renowned brand in the lighting industry, known for its innovative and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. With a strong focus on quality and durability, Lumax has gained a reputation for producing reliable and long-lasting LED lights. Their products cater to both residential and commercial needs, providing efficient lighting solutions for various applications.

Lumax LED lights offer numerous benefits over traditional lighting options. They consume less energy, have a longer lifespan, and emit less heat, making them environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Additionally, Lumax LED lights provide better light distribution, enhanced brightness, and improved color rendering, creating a comfortable and visually appealing ambiance.

Lumax LED Light Categories

Lumax offers a wide range of LED lights to meet diverse lighting requirements. Here are some popular categories of Lumax LED lights:

1. Lumax LED Bulbs

Lumax LED bulbs are an ideal replacement for traditional incandescent bulbs. They come in various shapes and wattages, providing efficient lighting solutions for different spaces. Lumax LED bulbs are energy-saving, long-lasting, and offer excellent color rendering.

2. Lumax LED Tube Lights

Lumax LED tube lights are perfect for illuminating large areas such as offices, warehouses, and commercial spaces. They offer high brightness and uniform light distribution, ensuring optimal visibility. Lumax LED tube lights are easy to install and provide significant energy savings compared to traditional fluorescent tubes.

3. Lumax LED Panel Lights

Lumax LED panel lights are sleek and slim fixtures that provide soft and uniform illumination. They are commonly used in offices, hospitals, schools, and residential spaces. Lumax LED panel lights offer versatility in terms of color temperature and dimming options, allowing users to create the desired ambiance.

4. Lumax LED Floodlights

Lumax LED floodlights are powerful outdoor lighting fixtures suitable for illuminating large outdoor areas such as stadiums, parking lots, and gardens. They offer high-intensity illumination, excellent weather resistance, and energy efficiency. Lumax LED floodlights provide enhanced security and visibility in outdoor spaces.

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