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WIX Filters has been specializing in the development, production as well as distribution of filters from 1939. The goal of the company is to create " the best performing, most reliable filters in the world." Smart Parts exports is the exporter of WIX Filters. WIX Filters provides filters for the diesel and automotive industries and also for industrial, agricultural, and special markets. The range of products includes air, oil, cabin air, fuel, cooling fluid, transmission and hydraulic filters that are suitable for various vehicles and equipment. Smart Parts exports have all WIX Filters range. Check our WIX Filter catalog to purchase genuine WIX Filters. The WIX company provides three kinds of oil filters for normal, heavy-duty, and "extreme" drivers, for synthetic and conventional motor oils. WiX Air Filter Media, suitable for both radial and panel air filters, has nine pleats per square inch, which means longer life and higher efficiency over standard filters. The company's fuel filters, including cartridge-type and spin-on filters, are engineered to last for long periods of time and are easy to replace. The spin-on filters are also equipped with built-in gaskets.

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Wix Filters


Genuine Wix Filter Exporter from India

WIX cabin air filters for heavy-duty use are ideal for buses, trucks, and off-highway cars. Buy WIX genuine Filters from our website at the best price. If you are finding a genuine WIX Filters exporter from India, smart parts exports is the one that provides you with WIX Genuine Filters at the lowest price.


WIX Filters also creates top-quality motorsports filters and is a partner for a variety of NASCAR team racing.


At Smart Parts exports, You find genuine WIX Filters, and we offer a variety of WIX air fuel, oil, and cabin filters.


Smart Parts exports is the perfect location to purchase genuine automobile spare parts on the internet. We have WIX Filter OIL 92046E and provide more than 60 000 spare parts in more than 80 Countries like Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Australia, Algeria, etc. In order to ensure compatibility, WIX Filters are made for all cars. 


Explore the deals on WIX FILTERS oil filter replacement parts, and make sure you check whether the part is compatible with your vehicle. If you have any issues, don't hesitate to reach us. Contact us for assistance. Car Filters have been associated with convenience and quality. Enter the model and the version of your vehicle, then search for the suitable replacement part for your vehicle. We have more than 100,000 spare parts in stock. If you have any questions you need help, call our customer service.


We are the official distributor of WIX filters in significant multinationals. With us, you can get WIX genuine Filters at the most affordable price.

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